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  • Our workshop concept is based on the combination of lectures, live surgeries and hands-on cadaver models 
  • This ensures the understanding and learning of neuroendoscopic concepts 
  • The international faculty members share their experience during the workshop 
  • Module 1:Is focused on the interdisciplinary approach to the skullbase in cooperation with our ENT-Department of Professor Schick 
  • Concepts of endoscopic skullbase surgery are presented to you by an international faculty 
  • Additional hands-on courses will provide demonstrations of endoscopic techniques as well as time to enhance your own surgical skills on human cadavers. Interdisciplinary live surgeries will be presented to you in HD-technology and in an interactive setting 
  • Module 2: Will focus on intraventricular endoscopy and paediatric neurosurgery 
  • A special animal model allows realistic simulation of intraventricular procedures and trouble shooting. Human cadavers and live surgeries are also included 
  • Module 3: Is focused on the minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery 
  • An international faculty teaches approaches and techniques for different endoscopic techniques 
  • This module also contains live surgeries and human cadaver sessions 
  • As before a selected variety of innovate neurosurgical products will be presented in the accompanying industrial exhibition.

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