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Second level Master’s Course 2017-2018

Hands-on surgical approaches to the anterolateral skull base

The course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction on surgical access to the anterolateral skull base, an anatomically homogenous region. This one-of-its-kind course features:

  • One cadaver head per participant
  • Three 3-day dissection courses on each of the following:
    • Transcranial, pterional and variants
    • Endonasal and median subfrontal
    • Other approaches, including those directed to the orbit
  • Continuity of learning throughout the year
  • Continuity of instruction during intervals between courses
  • Multidisciplinary faculty
  • Range of techniques from microscopic to endoscopic
  • Guided comparion of surgical approaches to the same intracranial area

The course will be held in collaboration with the ICLO Teaching and Research Center Verona and the University Hospital of Verona.

Applications for admission to the course will open in July 2017.

For more information, please see the brochure.